07:45 Registration

08:25 Welcome address: Structured Products Magazine

08:30 Breakfast briefing: Conquering the hidden nuances of ETFs
In this special educational presentation, learn how to:

• Spot and overcome ETF liquidity traps
• Place orders that avoid execution risks
• Cope with leverage, contango, and structural challenges
• Confidently navigate an ETF closure

Ron Rowland, President and Chief Investment Officer, CAPITAL CITIES ASSET MANAGEMENT

09:00 Chairman's welcome
Joseph Witthohn, Investment Strategist, JANNEY MONTGOMERY SCOTT

09:10 Morning keynote address: A macro-economic view of the US indexing and ETF market

• What are the future forecasts for the economy in 2011/2012 and longer term?
• How is the economy impacting index and ETF investments?
• Where are investors currently placing their bets?
- An analysis of the asset classes, regions, countries and industries
• An update on regulatory policies
- How is the Dodd Frank Act progressing?
- Are the implications of this act any clearer?

Speaker to be confirmed. Please check back for program updates

09:40 New indexing methods: Innovative approaches to constructing indices

• How have index models evolved?
• What has become of the new indexes to enter the market?
• Can index issuers improve the way their information is shared?
- Do financial advisors really understand the charts?

Speaker to be confirmed. Please check back for program updates

10:10 INTERACTIVE BUSINESS NETWORKING SESSION: Giving delegates the opportunity to meet

10:40 Morning break

11:10 Panel discussion:
Which ETF? The real considerations you should be making

• A saturation of ETFs in the market place
- With so many ETFs being traded, which ETF do you select?
- Does it depend on the type of investor?
- How can investors deal with the overload of market information?
- Do there need to be so many ETFs in circulation?
• Evaluating and valuing the ETF
- Are investors aware of the methodology behind the ETF they select?
- Do they know what lies beneath the fund name?
- How will the tracking and liquidity of the ETF affect the investor?
- How do leveraged ETFs really work?
• Understanding the taxable benefits and implications of ETFs
• Should an investor's portfolios be made up entirely of ETFs?
- Can active management help bring uncorrelated assets together?
- What benefits can ETNs bring to your portfolio?
- Do the counterparty risks associated with ETNs outweigh the advantages?

Jon Persson, Financial Advisor and Chief Compliance Officer, GELLER FAMILY OFFICE SERVICES
Craig Israelsen, Ph.D, Associate Professor, School of Family Life, BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY
Dan Weiskopf, Principle, FOREFRONT CAPITAL
Michael Schwartzman, President and Chief Investment Officer, VALUESEARCH CAPITAL MANAGEMENT

12:00 Beyond the market cap index: Investigating index weightings

• How have inefficiencies in market cap indices resulted in new index weightings?
• What are the alternative weightings investors are looking to?
- An analysis of both equal weighted and fundamental indexes.
- Is there more volatility in these weightings?
• How can you really measure which of the wightings is the best to use?

Charles Aram, Investment Manager and Director, HENDERSON ROWE

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Afternoon keynote address: The story of an end user investor
A case study example of an investors experience within the indexing and ETF market

• Discover how "core and satellite" portfolio structure incorporates ETF's to enhance risk-adjusted returns.
• How indexed products and ETF are used to fully exploit the beta-alpha continuum
• Optimizing taxes using ETF's - for wealthy families, it is all about after-tax returns
• Methods to customize different portfolios with index products and ETF's

Michael Nairne, President and Chief Investment Officer, TACITA CAPITAL FAMILY OFFICE

14:00 Commodity investments: How to seek the most rewards

• Does commodity exposure still continue to make sense?
- Have higher degrees of correlation removed the initial attraction?
• Should commodities be accessed through a futures or physical contract?
- What are the benefits and costs of each method?
- Are advisors aware of how to spot contango?
• What are the tracking risks when using commodity ETPs?
• Which commodities should investors be including in their portfolios?
• What will the future be for commodity ETFs?
- Will funds of commodity-producing companies be considered an alternative to those that hold commodities themselves?

Speaker to be confirmed. Please check back for program updates

14:30 Panel discussion:
Active ETFs: Are they changing the debate?

• Is 2011 the year of the Active ETF?
- Do advisors really understand how to make them work?
- Will liquidity issues prevent their presence in an investor's portfolio?
- How do they compare to a passive ETF?
- Should investors be turning to active ETFs or the active ETF manager?
• Can you still get a true measure of the active vs. passive debate?
- What issues have blurred the lines?
• Are passive indices continuing to out perform the actively managed portfolio?
• Do ETFs have real benefits over mutual funds?

Christopher Shin, Head of US Portfolio Management, GUGGENHEIM INVESTMENT ADVISORS
Frederick Wright, Co-founder, SMITH & HOWARD WEALTH MANAGEMENT
Jack Ablin, Chief Investment Officer, HARRIS PRIVATE BANK

Further speakers to be confirmed. Please check back for program updates

15:10 Afternoon break

15:40 Selecting the right market: The developed, the emerging or the frontier

• How should investors assess opportunities in developed, emerging and frontier markets?
• Are frontier and emerging markets riskier than developed markets?
• Have returns provided adequate compensation for the risks?
• How do investors get the best exposure to these markets?
- Is it better to have broad exposure or be narrowly targeted?
- What about liquidity and tracking error?
- Should investors be strategic or tactical with their allocations?

Jim Carroll, Managing Partner, LONGRUN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT

16:10 Champagne round table: The future outlook for indexes and ETFs

• The Flash Crash
- Did ETFs lie at the heart of the crash?
- What lessons can be taken forward on the usage of ETFs
• What lies in store for bond ETFs?
- Are Muni Bonds the next big wave in ETFS?
- Will fears over market volatility hold them back?
- Are there advantages to be found in the weakness of the bond market?
• Will Market Cap indexes continue to have a place in the market?
• Which are the new indices and ETFs set to be released?

Douglas Wolfe, Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer, SADDLE RIVER CAPITAL MANAGEMENT
Edwin Baldrige, Chief Investment Officer, BALDRIGE ASSET MANAGEMENT

Further speakers to be confirmed. Please check back for program updates

16:50 Chairman's closing remarks

17:00 End of The Art of Indexing and ETF Investment Summit USA and cocktail reception

*Please note that this program is subject to change.





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