Confirmed speakers

Afternoon Keynote Speaker:

  • Michael Nairne, President and Chief Investment Officer, TACITA CAPITAL FAMILY OFFICE

Conference chairman:

  • Joseph Witthohn, Investment Strategist, JANNEY MONTGOMERY SCOTT

Other confirmed speakers so far:

  • Ron Rowland, President and Chief Investment Officer, CAPITAL CITIES ASSET MANAGEMENT
  • Jon Persson, Financial Advisor and Chief Compliance Officer, GELLER FAMILY OFFICE SERVICES
  •  Craig Israelsen, Ph.D, Associate Professor, School of Family Life, BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY
  • Dan Weiskopf, Principle, FOREFRONT CAPIT
  • Michael Schwartzman, President and Chief Investment Officer, VALUESEARCH CAPITAL MANAGEMENT
  • Charles Aram, Investment Manager and Director, HENDERSON ROWE
  • Christopher Shin, Head of US Portfolio Management, GUGGENHEIM INVESTMENT ADVISORS
  • Frederick Wright, Co-founder, SMITH & HOWARD WEALTH MANAGEMENT
  • Jack Ablin, Chief Investment Officer, HARRIS PRIVATE BANK
  • Jim Carroll, Managing Partner, LONGRUN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT
  • John Lunt, President, LUNT CAPITAL MANAGEMENT
  • Douglas Wolfe, Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer, SADDLE RIVER CAPITAL MANAGEMENT
  • Edwin Baldrige, Chief Investment Officer, BALDRIGE ASSET MANAGEMENT

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